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Photo of the student drumline

MSD  does not have a music department but students that are interested in music can participate in the MSB Music Department, which provides opportunities for students to showcase their musical talents through performance and to develop social and recreational skills that remain with them for a lifetime.  MSB employs highly qualified staff who teach students using the state music curriculum in the following areas:

  • Elementary Music (PreK-5th grade)
  • Band (Middle and High School)
  • Drumline (Middle and High School)
  • Choir (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
  • Applied Piano (K-12th grade)
  • Music Technology
  • General Music
  • Annual programs are held both on and off campus with frequent invitations to share with the community. We also enjoy participating in a Narrative Arts Showcase affiliated with the South-Central Association of Schools for the Blind (SCASB) competition. 

Specialized adaptive or compensatory techniques are utilized in instructing students in music courses at MSB including the use of music braille, modified standard music notation, aural training, and other methods catered to individual student needs. With applied effort, students can leave MSB prepared to participate in college-level ensembles, employment opportunities in the music industry, and lifelong learning through the art of music.

Visual Arts

Photo of a hallway with hanging pictures that were created by studentsMSD has instituted new beginnings art classes for elementary students and elective art classes for middle school and high school students. Art for our students teaches hand skills (fine motor, coordination), concepts (spatial relationships, symbolic representation), and creativity and flexibility. Through our art program, students are able to increase social and emotional development and increase their learning experiences while developing their artistic and creative abilities.