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Mississippi School for The Deaf LogoPhilosophy Statement:
The Mississippi School for the Deaf advocates self-improvement through the education of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students by utilizing a bilingual philosophy that places an emphasis on the linguistics of both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.

Mission Statement:
The Mississippi School for the Deaf strives to be a diverse bilingual community. In partnership with families, MSD will provide an exemplary education in nurturing, engaging, and challenging environments to help ensure our students achieve personal excellence and become productive citizens.

Welcome to Mississippi School for the Deaf Library Media Center!

MSD Bulldog LogoStack of books with three cartoon kids jumping out from behind the booksThe mission of the school library/media center is to assist in preparing students to enter the information age of the 21st century, while fostering a love for reading and to assure that students can effectively locate, access, interpret, evaluate and communicate information. Students today must be prepared to deal with the plethora of information sources to become effective citizens of today and tomorrow.

“Continuous Improvement is the Hallmark of the Mississippi School for the Deaf Library/ Media Center.”

Librarian Media Specialist: Betty Williams

Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science

University of Southern Mississippi

Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Operation Hours

Monday – Friday

7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Phone: 601.984 8003 (voice)

601.351. 9264 (Videophone)

601.984.8020 (Fax)



We welcome all parents and community patrons!

When you absolutely positively have to know ask a librarian

Here’s what kids are reading at the MSD!

Seven book covers that are what MSD students are reading

Reserved Items

Students and staff can reserve library material through our  MSD Online Library Catalog, by email, or by videophone. The item will be placed on the reserve shelf.

Parents and community patrons may contact the librarian by email, phone call or videophone. Individuals will be notified when the item has been returned and is ready for check out.  

Lost or Damaged Items

Students, staff, faculty, parents and community patrons, who lose, destroy or damage materials beyond use will be required to pay for the item in most cases, the replacement fee will be used as a guide for payment. After a book or any item checked out has been lost for a month, the librarian will request that payment be made. A written receipt for the amount will be given at the time of payment. If a lost item is found, the money will be refunded. Refunds issued for books one school year and found the following school year become the property of the student or that individual.

Did you know?

  • Caterpillars have 12 eyes!
  • Tomatoes and avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables.
  • A bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.


Fines will not be charged for overdue books here at MSD; however, all students, staff, faculty, parents and community patrons must return the items before he/she will be allowed to check out other items. If the items are not returned by the end of the year a fine will be charged but will not exceed the replacement price of the item. Overdue notices will be sent to all patrons with overdue materials.